25 Apr, 2018 - 26 Apr, 2018


250 People


60 Professionals

Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor

The Mozplex, Seattle WA

Here’s what experts had to say about our last RetailLoco event

We asked attendees and sponsors to tell us about their RetailLoco experience.
What do they get out of the event?
Who do they meet?


Each year brands from across the retail and advertising community gather alongside innovative location-based technology providers to discuss the evolution of industry, share best practices and explore the path forward.
Over the years we’ve had speakers from the likes of Coca-Cola, Sears, Walmart, Dollar Shave Club, Lowe’s, John Varvatos, TGI Fridays, Target, L’Oreal and more. 
It’s not just the brands that will be at the event, but over 500 leading digital marketers, CMOs from companies of all sizes and industries.  Will your company be there?


Mark Coffey

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Vadim Tsemekhman

Dir. of Product Management

Trey Courtney

Global SVP & Chief Product Officer

Tim McCarthy

Sr. Engagement Manager

Tim Garcia

Customer & Market Development

Thomas Walle

CEO & Co-Founder

Shingo Inoue

Vice President

Ron Cariker


Robb Walters

Dir. of Product

Rob Woodbridge

CEO / Conference MC

Richard Ventura

VP, Business Devel. & Solutions

Patrick Flanagan

VP, Digital Marketing & Strategy

Noelle LaCharite

Sr. Technical Program Mgr.

Neil Crist

VP, Product

Mike Wokosin

(Former CMO)

Michelle Eten

Dir. Merchandising

Matthew Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Michael

CEO/ co-Founder

Lisa Bregman

Director of Marketing

Lex ten Veen


Kate Paduchowski

Sr. Mobile Product Manager

Josha Benner


Asif Khan


John Marshall

Global Head Digital Advertising

John Gregory

Retail Head of Industry

Jim Watson

SVP of Strategy and Operations

James Meeks

Head of Product, Mobile Apps

Jake Moskowitz

VP, Measurement Solutions

Jack Bobin

Enterprise Business Development

Howard Curtis

VP, Marketing

Haseeb Tariq

Mobile Marketing

Haluk Demirkan


Gideon Rubin


Erin White


Eric Salo

(Former) Chief Strategy Officer

Emil Davityan


Doug Pittman

CEO / Founder

David Jones

CEO / Co-Founder

Daniel Nelson

Founder / CEO

Craig Miller

Sr. Sales Director

Chase Alexander

Senior Director of eCommerce

Charlie Larkin

Sr. Director

Casey Binkley

Founder & CEO

Brian Rauschenbach

Head of Industry

Brian Lutz

Sr. Director, Marketing

Brian Law

Brand Partnerships

Brian Hammett


Brandon Bennett

CEO / Co-Founder

Aubriana Alvarez Lopez

Chief Mobile Strategist

Scott Ryan

Global Account Director

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